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This is a unique opportunity providing you with the experience and current skills required to succeed in this exciting and competitive industry.

Whether it is the South Asian bridal course or just any bridal course that you want to learn, get in touch with us to find out more.

This professional Hair and Makeup course is ideal for any makeup artist wishing to focus mainly on a South Asian bridal look. This involves learning to create South Asian hair and makeup looks as well as learning to drape a saree perfectly.

This course will guide you through techniques and how to fulfil bridal customs and individuality, by providing you with the confidence and the complete makeup skills to succeed in this lucrative hair and makeup world.

You can learn from basic level to advanced! Even if you are a beginner in the industry and want to improve your skills and knowledge, we can guide you through step by step!

Moreover, if you are more advanced and would like to obtain some more hands-on experience and learn more techniques, we can cater for your needs.

Whichever it is you must have the passion for makeup and have a lot of patience.

Venue: Dazzling Darlings Studio (Cheshunt EN8)

What else can Dazzling Darlings offer ?

  • We can help and direct you with starting your new business (UK based only)
  • We can help you obtain discount cards or help buy products at a discounted price from Major Makeup brands

What you can Gain

Will you get a certificate at the end of this course?

Yes, upon completing the course you will be supplied with a certificate by Dazzling Darlings.

We are also working on getting our certificate accredited, having an accreditation on our certificate will help you in many ways.

How long is the course?

Usually 1 day.However, if you need any future support we are here to help.

Enrolment process

To register or for more information about this unique opportunity, please Contact us


Want to learn how to re-create a simple, everyday makeup look or a more glamorous evening look ?

You will be taught the following: The essentials of skincare, choosing the correct foundation shade, flawless base-building techniques and a complimentary smokey eyeshadow to suit all eye colours and shapes.

You will learn to take your makeup skills to new heights, from simple false lash application all the way through to highlighting and contouring.

What is included? One to one session
  • This will be a tailored session to suit your needs, whether you want to be taught to create a simple everyday makeup look or a more glamorous evening look.
  • 15% discount off your next booking with me.
  • A chance to ask any questions that you may have.

Want to know what the course covers ?