Bridal Jewellery Hires

Bridal Jewellery Hires

Hire out stunning Jewellery from Dazzling Darlings for any occasions. We have a wide range of Jewellery, depending on the look you hope to achieve such as elegant, glamorous or traditional.

“Often, our busy lives do not permit us to ‘shop around’ for the perfect Jewellery in preparation for the ‘big day’ or that special occasion.”

You do not need to make a booking to view the Jewellery, we welcome your queries regarding hiring via video calls or photographs.

Full bridal set includes the followings

  • Short necklace
  • Long Necklace
  • Earrings (ear chains can be included)
  • Tikka/Nethichudi
  • Waist chain
  • Hair plait jewellery (8 pieces)
  • Arm bands, nose pins and any other items please do ask.

All Bridal jewellery will require a deposit of £100.00. This is fully refundable back to you when you return it back to us in a reusable condition. Maximum day we allow are 10 working days to return the jewellery. Any delays after 10 days will have a charge of £2.50 p/day.

Minor damages; such as stones missing, hooks missing, chain or necklace threads coming off, we won't be deducting anything.

An item missing, an item broken, chain broken then there will be a charge applied and deducted from your deposit